A win-win solution for doing business

In business, there is a clear conflict of interests when it comes to agreeing payment terms. Suppliers want to be paid as early as possible, while customers prefer to pay later rather than sooner. ErsteConfirming helps to resolve this conflict – with benefits for both sides.

Automatically successful

ErsteConfirming is an easy-to-use, fully automated payment instrument for confirmed but as yet unpaid invoices. It offers the opportunity to advance such invoices – with a certain discount on the invoice total – before they become due.

Benefits for customers

  • Advantages in negotiations with suppliers
  • Longer payment terms
  • Carried out on existing transaction accounts
  • Reduction of working capital and positive effects on key financial indicators and ratings
  • No floors/caps per invoice or per supplier
  • More secure supplier base and supply chain stability

Simply flexible

On a web-based platform, suppliers can select individual or collective invoices confirmed by participating customers to receive an advance payment. This is available for both national and international trade, with almost no limitations on amounts or currencies.

Benefits for suppliers

  • A quick, easy and flexible financing system without affecting your credit limit
  • No loan agreement with Erste Group is required
  • Increased liquidity in your balance sheet and fewer outstanding trade receivables
  • Implicit insurance against the risk of non-payment by customers
  • Carried out on existing transaction accounts
  • Flexible cash flow management and improved credit standing due to a lower balance sheet total
  • Regular information on the status of accounts receivable and support

Here’s how ErsteConfirming works

So funktioniert ErsteConfirming

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