Benefits of factoring for your business

The easy way to more liquidity

Professional factoring offers numerous benefits for you and your business in terms of finance as well as organisation. As a flexible financing basis, factoring allows you to sell your accounts receivable and quickly obtain liquidity. In addition, you can request security against payment defaults.


Your financial benefits from factoring

  • Gain predictable higher liquidity and a greater portion of equity
  • Adjust your financing needs to your sales
  • Use the cash discounts and rebates offered by your suppliers
  • Grant longer payment terms to your customers
  • Enjoy security against bad debt losses
  • Reduce your balance sheet total and improve your rating
  • Optimise your working capital

Additional benefits from the professional factoring services of Intermarket Bank

  • Fast and easy handling with e-factoring
  • Less work spent on payment reminders and sales ledger accounting
  • Support for the expansion of your business
  • Individual support from our factoring experts at Intermarket Bank

Give yourself a financial head start with factoring and easily improve the liquidity of your business.

Prompt liquidity, irrespective of the size of your business

The primary aim of factoring is instant liquidity, irrespective of the size of your business or your line of business. The factoring services of Intermarket Bank provide businesses with high liquidity, security against risk, and good prospects for healthy expansion.

Factoring offers financial advantages for any size of business, but particularly for businesses generating annual sales of more than EUR 1 million. Newly founded businesses and start-ups with annual sales exceeding EUR 300,000 and with potential for growth also profit considerably from factoring as a form of financing.

Benefits of factoring by business sizes

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with annual sales of up to EUR 70 million

  • Grants longer payment terms to your customers
  • Satisfies financing needs which are subject to strong fluctuations due to seasonal changes
  • Debtor management services, including the sending of payment reminders
  • Provides financing support in phases of dynamic growth
  • Increases the equity portion and improves the rating of your business
  • Provides security against risks through payment default insurance
  • Utilises the cash discounts and rebates offered by your suppliers


Large companies with annual sales of more than EUR 70 million

  1. Reduces your balance sheet total
  2. Avoids tying up capital in accounts receivable

Factoring for industries with a large share of B2B accounts receivable

Especially for companies in the services, trading or manufacturing sectors, factoring is an ideal form of financing, as these firms have plenty of accounts receivable from other businesses. Other financing options may be more appropriate for industries in which performance is usually formally accepted before payment is made (e.g. the construction industry) or for businesses that are mainly active in the B2C sector.

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