Factoring simulator

Our guide as to how far factoring can take you.

Factoring simulator

Our guide as to how far factoring can take you.

Find out quickly how far factoring can take you

What can factoring do for your liquidity? How will your balance sheet, your equity ratio and your debt-to-equity ratio improve? With just a few key items of data from your company, we will instantly give you an idea of the benefits factoring can provide for your business. In a next step, you can complete our online factoring quick check, which provides you with a comprehensive offer within 48 hours.

The effects of factoring:

  • More liquidity
  • Lower risk of non-payment
  • Less need to draw on your operating line of credit
  • Use of cash discounts

This results in:

  • Lower balance sheet total
  • Better financial ratios
  • Better rating
  • Dynamic growth

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Effect on your balance sheet

Additional liquidity

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Effect on financial ratios

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Please note: this calculation was made on the basis of the information provided by you and serves as a first point of reference. No liability is assumed. The calculated figures are approximations. The data have been compiled with the utmost care but do not constitute a binding offer.