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Individual factoring solutions for your business

Every business is unique – therefore we offer various products and services to fit your individual needs. In this way, factoring is tailored exactly to your requirements.

Overview of the factoring products and services offered by Intermarket Bank

Receivables financing

Liquid funds within 24 hours after the invoice was issued

Financing your accounts receivable is the core function of factoring. This is why processing your request in a quick and uncomplicated manner is important to us. We transfer up to 90 % of the amount of your outgoing invoices (including value-added tax) within a maximum of 24 hours. This gives you access to liquid funds immediately after you issue the invoice. The remaining amount is transferred to you as soon as your customer has paid the invoice.

On top of receivables financing, we offer additional services to provide you with more liquid funds in a fast and efficient manner.

Debtor management

Safely outsource accounting and reminder services

Under a factoring agreement with Intermarket Bank, you can also use our debtor management service in addition to enjoying financial security. We carry out all sales ledger accounting, reminder services and creditworthiness monitoring of your customers for you, giving you the freedom to focus on your core business.

Debtor management means we book all invoices issued and payments received and provide you with sales ledger accounting records on a daily basis through our online e-factoring portal.

If one of your debtors does not pay in time, we send payment reminders as individually agreed with you for each customer. Your outstanding accounts receivable are monitored on an ongoing basis, and the creditworthiness of your customers is verified.

The benefits of professional debtor management by Intermarket Bank

  • Complete sales ledger accounting updated on a daily basis
  • Reduction of your in-house administrative workload
  • Faster payment of outstanding invoices due to efficient reminder services
  • Regular verification of the creditworthiness of your major customers

Payment default insurance

Protection against your debtors’ insolvency

When a debtor becomes insolvent, this poses a significant financial risk to your business and causes you to spend considerable time and effort on collecting outstanding accounts receivable. To protect you against your business partners’ insolvency, Intermarket Bank assumes the risk of default for you under a payment default insurance policy.

As soon as you take out a payment default insurance policy, a limit is set for each debtor. If one of your business partners becomes insolvent, you receive up to 90 % of the outstanding accounts receivable directly from us.

Transactions with new foreign partners can be particularly risky from a financial viewpoint. We therefore assume 100 % of the risk of default on your export transactions to foreign countries by means of export factoring.

Drawing on our long-standing experience and acting with utmost professionalism, we protect your business against your business partners’ insolvency.

Export factoring

Financial security for exporters

When you establish business relationships with new customers abroad, the distance, the language, but also legal and cultural barriers may complicate cooperation. With export factoring, you no longer have to worry about late payments and can build a relationship of trust with your foreign customers right from the start.

When you use export factoring, you as an exporter enter into a factoring agreement with Intermarket Bank that is governed by Austrian law.
We assume 100 % of the risk of non-payment for you and immediately finance 80 % of the amount of your accounts receivable. Should your foreign partner fail to pay the invoice within 90 days, we pay the remaining 20 % to you.


Your benefits from export factoring

  • Efficient collection of debts by a factor in the importing country to avoid language or legal barriers
  • 100 % security for the invoiced amount, no excess to be paid by you
  • Guaranteed payment within 90 days after the invoice falls due, irrespective of whether or not your customer is able or willing to pay

Cooperation with FCI member companies

When working together with factoring companies outside of Austria, we rely on members of Factors Chain International. This association was founded in the Netherlands in 1968 and currently has 266 members in 72 countries. FCI enables businesses to use factoring in worldwide trade and promotes the principles of factoring internationally.

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