Proud to serve a wide range of satisfied customers

As a factoring company since 1971, we are proud to have supported a wide range of customers in financing their businesses.

According to a survey conducted in the fall of 2015, this is what our customers appreciate most in working with Intermarket Bank:

  • Professionalism
  • Prompt payout of funds
  • Availability of our advisors by phone
  • Transparent information about your clearing account
  • Efficient electronic communication
  • Expertise of the contact persons
  • Personal advice and support
  • Attention to individual needs
  • Unbureaucratic procedures
  • Transparent financing criteria 

We would like to present some of our customers’ testimonials and statements below


A-9500 Villach

Contact: Mr. Alfred Harrich

Tel: +43 4242 32226

Industry: service provider/staffing

Customer statement: “As new entrepreneurs, we knew we wouldn’t be able to start our business without a factoring partner by our side. We have worked seamlessly with Intermarket Bank using e-factoring ever since our company was founded.”

Oskar Schmidt GmbH & Co KG

A-5020 Salzburg

Contact: Mr. Josef Nußbaumer

Tel: +43 662 63930

Industry: car dealership

Customer statement: “Factoring plays a key role for us in adequately financing our working capital requirements.

Car sales are subject to strong fluctuations. In Intermarket Bank AG, we have found a partner who provides prompt and efficient financing for our often abruptly increasing accounts receivable.”

Messerle Gesellschaft m.b.H

A-6841 Mäder

Contact: Mr. Heiner Messerle

Tel: +43 5523 59910

Industry: stationery and office supplies wholesaler

Customer statement: “When people tell me about factoring, they always mention the supposedly high costs involved. But when I think about what factoring has changed in our company, what springs to mind is added security and the cash discounts we can now take advantage of.”

August Gaberszik OHG

A-8020 Graz

Contact: Mrs. Maria Gaberszik

Tel: +43 316 710171

Industry: car dealership

Customer statement: “Factoring enables us to finance our growth from our current operating earnings – the financing provided keeps pace with our sales growth and there are no rigid credit limits.”