Step by step to professional factoring

Joining forces for more financial security

Factoring is something personal. Therefore we are happy to take the time to get to know you and learn about the financing requirements of your business. In our first, non-committal meeting, we develop an individual factoring solution that fits your and your business’s needs.

From first meeting to individual factoring solution

  1. First, non-committal meeting
    Customer care is our top priority. In our first, non-committal meeting, we identify the requirements and objectives of the factoring agreement with you. Our factoring expert learns more about your business from corporate documents, such as your annual financial statements and your receivables ledger file, and can then provide individual advice.

  2. Our factoring offer for you
    After we have reviewed your documents, you receive a brief report on the result of our review. If the result is positive, we will prepare a binding factoring offer including all information on the further steps and conditions for you. If you accept our offer, we sign the agreement and your personal advisor will instruct you on how to use the e-factoring system.

  3. Purchase of accounts receivable & e-factoring
    At the beginning, we will be happy to finance all currently unpaid invoices or start with purchasing all future accounts receivable. We set up your e-factoring account and test the interface with our system. All new invoices issued will be sent online through this system, are checked by us, and the invoiced amount is immediately transferred to you at your request.  

Depending on the factoring services stipulated in the agreement, we will be pleased to provide the following additional services:

  • Debtor management – we enter your incoming payments in the books on a daily basis and send reminders to your customers 
  • Reporting – we identify insurance limits and ensure compliance with reporting obligations under the terms of your payment default insurance policy

Contact an Intermarket Bank factoring expert and make an appointment to get free advice now.