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Today, businesses face major challenges along the entire supply chain: delivery problems and payment difficulties are increasing, payment terms are stretched out and payment defaults happen more and more frequently. Liquidity is thus more than ever a crucial factor in ensuring a company’s survival. The tried and tested instruments of Intermarket Bank help secure your liquidity.

Factoring, ErsteConfirming und Forfaitierung

Factoring, ErsteConfirming and forfaiting help your business secure your liquidity requirements along your supply chains and are therefore valuable additions to your corporate financing mix. As a part of Erste Group, Intermarket Bank is the leading expert in supply chain finance (SCF) in Austria.

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Our factoring simulator gives you a first indication of how much your business stands to gain from factoring. Next, our online factoring quick check provides you with a comprehensive and customised offer in just 48 hours*.

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Supply chain finance is used to optimise financial structures and finance flows across corporate boundaries. The aim is to reduce risks, increase profitability and optimise the capital costs of individual or multiple companies along a common supply chain.

Today, liquidity is more than ever a crucial factor in ensuring a company’s survival. Fortunately, there are a number of tried and tested instruments which help secure liquidity and mitigate risks.

Benefits for businesses


More Liquidity

Independent of fixed credit limits


More Security

Protected against debtors’ non-payment


More Service

Reminder services, risk monitoring and debtor management included on request

Smart solutions by Intermarket Bank

Intermarket Bank is a company of Erste Bank Group AG and specialises in supply chain finance. Drawing on this strong background of expertise, we are one of the top specialists in receivables financing in the Austrian market. With more than 45 years of experience in financing, great service quality and transparent products and services, we are happy to help you increase your financial flexibility and security.

Our activities extend all over Austria and the entire CEE region, where we closely cooperate with our network of banks within Erste Group. This enables us to offer cross-border solutions for the trading activities of our corporate customers.

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